Tom Clarkson

I am a software developer based in Sydney, Australia.

I spent many years as a SharePoint consultant, but now focus on building HTML5 and iOS apps.
Issue Unity
An app for working with issues across multiple projects on GitHub and Bitbucket.
Chondric JS
A lightweight JavaScript MVC framework for use with jQuery Mobile
A library for building SharePoint sites using clean, strongly typed code rather than complex and fragile configuration files
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Automating app icon and splash screen creation

Using PhantomJS to turn html or svg into a full set of iOS app icons and loading images

Developing with an iPad - One week in

General impressions after developing on an iPad for a week

Developing with an iPad - CodeMirror

Setting up CodeMirror and adapting it for iPad use

Developing with an iPad - beyond the code

The text editor isn't everything

Developing with an iPad - using the on-screen keyboard

Initial impressions from writing code with the iPad's on-screen keyboard.

Developing with an iPad - Server setup, done right this time

Setting up my cloud development server

Developing with an iPad - Code Editor

Editing code in the terminal and planning something better.