Tom Clarkson

High end full stack developer in Sydney, Australia.

Most of my work ends up on corporate intranets or in apps not intended for a general audience, but here is some stuff that I can show off. A more complete but less organized list of my open source work can be found on github

JS app development

Development tools for node / angular / react


  • Path Game

    A puzzle game with randomly generated rules built in React


Git utils and apps that connect to a git server

  • Datagit

    Using git as a structured data store

  • GitCheck

    A tool for working with multiple git repositories

  • GitRunner

    Node module that runs simple git commands and parses the result.

UI Components

Some reusable angular directives

  • Slider

    A basic slider directive for angular

  • Plainish Text

    An angular directive for editing text with some formatting but not much.


Stuff to make working with SharePoint less painful

  • Razor

    Use ASP.NET MVC razor views in SharePoint

  • NoCaml

    A library for building SharePoint sites using clean, strongly typed code rather than complex and fragile configuration files


Mobile app development tools

  • PlugDev

    A tool to take the pain out of developing and updating cordova plugins. Intended to work like npm link, you can edit plugin code either in the plugin development folder or in the app xcode project, and changes will be updated in both places.

  • Native Nav

    Cordova plugin for native title bars, tab bars, keyboard handling etc.

Code Quality

Testing and linting tools

  • Mocha Visual Test

    Run browser based mocha/chai tests in PhantomJS, take screenshots and compare with previous test runs for automated visual regression testing.