Tom Clarkson

High end full stack developer in Sydney, Australia. Currently specialising in web/mobile UX and git internals.

I have been working with web technologies for approximately twenty years now. The JavaScript and HTML I started with is still there, but along the way I have picked up experience on just about every kind of system currently in use.

I am the guy who can find the one character in ten thousand lines of code that needs to change to fix a particularly stubborn bug that only occurs in production every seventh page load on alternate Tuesdays.

So far I have never come across a technical challenge I couldn’t solve. Challenge me.


My current preferred tech stack:

  • AWS
  • Ubuntu
  • Mongo
  • Node
  • ES6
  • Browserify/Rollup/Webpack
  • SCSS
  • React/Redux
  • Gulp
  • Mocha
  • ESLint
  • Sublime
  • Git

Other stuff I work with:

  • .NET (Primarily C#)
  • Swift
  • Objective C (when I don't have a choice)
  • Java (Slightly less of an abomination than Obj-C)
  • SQL
  • Cordova
  • Angular

Open source

Some of my projects:

Some other projects I have contributed code to:

Corporate roles

2010 - 2017: Consultant @ Willis Towers Watson

In a 3 month contract that lasted seven years, my main role was as front end lead building a series of online and mobile financial calculators for government agencies and super funds.

Earlier in my time at TW, I produced a quarter million lines of intranet code which I would be quite happy to never see again.

1998 - 2010: Various

Detailed history removed as I am not particularly interested in showing up in search results for technologies that were cutting-edge fifteen years ago.