A client recently asked me how to put video into a SharePoint blog post. Naturally it turns out to be one of those things that isn’t as straightforward as it seems at first. Put the html into a post and it gets filtered out.


A little investigation shows that the filtering is happening in the editor - if you modify the Body column in the Posts list to be a plain text field any custom html makes it to the page without any issues. It’s a solution that works as far as the reader can tell, but manually editing html tags for the entire post is hardly ideal.


A more usable solution is to add an additional column to the Posts list. The new column can hold any html without filtering, and you get to use the rich text editor for the rest of the post.


From there, you just need to get the new field to display. I’m using the CKS enhanced blog, so the way to do this will be a bit different from the out of box blog template.


In post.xsl and postlist.xsl add



above the body of the post. The post view includes all fields by default so that will be enough to make the unfiltered field appear when viewing a single post.


The list view doesn’t include the new fields, so you will also need to change category.aspx and home.aspx add the attribute


ViewFieldsXML = “”


to the EBE:PostList element and your posts can include video or anything else that gets filtered out by the standard editor.