Actually using an application makes a big difference to which features seem important. Since starting to use GDNote I’ve added a few features that earlier seemed like things that could be done later.

Archiving - Hiding pages that you don’t want to delete but don’t want to pay any attention to either. Eliminating scrolling makes a big difference to usability, and keeping archived notes in their original section is a big improvement over my previous solution of moving them to another (rather disorganised) section.

Read only - I have 700 pages of notes, but at any one time I’m unlikely to be changing more than 50 or so. Although using Gears improves things quite a bit, loading all the editing functionality is too slow. Adding the option to just view pages makes it feel a lot faster.

Tagging - I was going to leave this for later, but keeping the Gears database and javascript synchronized is a real pain - something I want to avoid needing to change after launch. There’s no UI yet, but the back end is all there.

Overall, it’s still not as polished as it needs to be, but it is at least less flaky than my previous sync system of storing OneNote notebooks in SharePoint - that would fairly often make my notes read only for no apparent reason.